Ely College Eco Schools

Ely College has now registered as an Eco School. Eco Schools is an organisation set up by Keep Britain Tidy, the charitable organisation is designed for students at schools across the UK so that the next generation know what they can do to protect the planet.

Eco Warriors Logo. Credit: Eco Warriors

Eco Ely Committee member James Homent set up the project with help of the Eco Warriors, a student group at Ely College. The club consists of about 20 students already and is open for more to join. The project has seven steps: Eco Committee, Eco Review, Action Plan, Curriculum Links, Inform & Involve, Monitor & Evaluation and Eco-Code.

So far (January 2020) the club has completed the first step – forming an Eco Committee – and is currently working on the second step. The club members will go round in groups and complete an Environmental Review. Eco Warriors plan to have all 10 criteria assessed by the middle of February.

Every 3 – 4 steps that are completed earn a reward, a Bronze Medal first, then a Silver Medal, then a Green Flag.

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