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Eco Ely is a community group aimed at like-minded residents of Ely and surrounding villages, who are interested in environmental issues, sustainability, recycling and making a difference where we live.

Eco Ely was founded in April 2019 by Hayley Ellis, a local resident who embarked on a personal journey to reduce her carbon footprint and waste, and wanted to help other residents do the same.

Hayley says:

"My Eco journey started by discovering TerraCycle, and realising I could recycle my crisp packets! It became infectious and a positive addition to my life.


I am not an Eco person by nature, this is a new journey for me, and I wanted to work on my journey publicly to help and inspire others. I was aware that the recycling guidelines can be confusing, and wanted a space to ask questions.

Eco Ely started as a Facebook group, which is still very active on a daily basis, and it has been so encouraging to discover other people who wanted to do a bit more but didn't know where to start."

Eco Ely has continued to grow in members and publicity.

Eco Ely has been featured on BBC Look East, Elyi Magazine, Ely Standard, Spotted in Ely and Littleport Life Magazine

Eco Ely Facebook Page

2 weeks ago

I have some cuddly toys and clothes that my 2 year old has outgrown. Rather than charity shop them does anyone know if any local women refuge centres or something similar often want items like this?

2 weeks ago
Photos from Kristin Bailey's post

Is it just the Barns that on bin day ends up with rubbish all over the pavements, roads and gutters? What happened to bin men who brushed the broken bin bag waste away?
Is it time to ask for a black ... See more

1 month ago

Unfortunately I have been very poorly this week and haven’t made the council meeting tonight, which I’m gutted about.
Luckily I’ve had some Eco Ely committee members and other Eco Ely members ... See more

1 month ago
Recycled Products

For those who want to see the finished products from TerraCycle ♻️

All the products listed below are made from the collected TerraCycle® waste and are available to be purchased

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