What goes in our Blue Bins in East Cambridgeshire?


~ Paper (newspaper, magazines, junk mail, envelopes)
~ Cardboard
~ Glass Bottles and Jars
~ Food and drink cans (eg tins and cans of drink)
~ Metal lids from jars and bottles
~ Aerosols
~ Aluminium foil
~ Aluminium cartons (eg takeways but make sure cleaned)
~ Plastic bottles (wash, squash and lid on)
~ Hard plastic food containers (pots, tubs and trays – including yogurt pots, black trays and plastic containers from takeaways but make sure cleaned)
~ Food and drink cartons (eg fruit juice, dairy free milk)

Other items accepted in our blue bins:

~ Toothpaste pumps
~ Plastic hand wash containers including pumps
~ Plastic bottles such as cleaning products, shampoos, shower gels etc
~ Paper bread bags
~ Roll on deodorants
~ Aluminium tubes like Tomato puree
~ Perfume bottles

What can’t go in our blue bins and why…
~ Broken drinking glasses or pyrex – due to the make up of the glass this isn’t able to be recycled – this needs to go to go in black sack (wrapped up to protect the safety of the drivers)
~ Takeaway coffee cups – these cannot be recycled in our blue bins but these can be recycled at Costa coffee shops (any brand) or please consider using a reusable coffee cup
~ Nappies / sanitary products – these are not recyclable – In East Cambridgeshire we have an excellent Ely Nappy Library if you wish to consider cloth nappies, and we will have a section on reusable sanitary options on our website.
~ Clothing – this is not recyclable through blue bins and needs to be donated to charity shops if in good condition, or put into textile banks at fire stations/supermarkets or give to charity shops (even if rags charity shops can recycle it for you – please label as rags)
~ Food waste – please put into green bins