Eco Ely's Overall Goal

To encourage everyone in East Cambridgeshire to make small changes in their day to day lives.

Individually, as households, as neighbourhoods, in workplaces and communities to help the environment, reduce their carbon footprint, or think greener.

How will we achieve this?

~ More education, advice, help and support around recycling - Working with support from East Cambridgeshire District Council, especially their Waste Minimiser Officer. This will include working with Schools and Community Groups to provide face to face advice sessions and workshops

~ Encouraging our local council to do more - Asking East Cambridgeshire District Council to declare a Climate Emergency, and set up an Environmental Working Group to work with local residents to see what changes can be made at a Council level.

~ Reducing single use plastics in our city - Creating Eco Ely Party Packs in every village to help residents to Ditch the Disposable when it comes to party waste, working with Refill Ely to get a public water tap in Ely city and reduce single use plastic bottles for drinks, supporting and promoting Ely Borrow Bag Scheme. Additionally working with supermarkets, local shops and residents to reduce single use plastic.

~ Planting more trees and wildflowers in and around Ely - Working with East Cambridgeshire District Council, working with local wildlife groups, working with residents to highlight possible locations for tree planting

~ Encouraging residents to shop locally and seasonally - Working with Prospects Trust Unwrapped, the allotment community, the home growers and sellers of Ely and beyond

~ Trying to get our city to produce less waste - Working with East Cambridgeshire District Council, local businesses

~ Encouraging second hand clothing to reduce 'fast fashion' - Working with the local charity shops, working with Ely Swishing Group to create more Swishing Events

~ Encouraging residents to repair items by using Repair Cafes - Working with Soham Repair Cafe and setting up an Ely Repair Cafe

~ Supporting the community to reuse items before recycling - Created Eco Ely Trash to Treasure for people to offer all sorts of items to each other for free

~ Providing workshops, resources, advice and top tips for residents around a variety of topics to help them think differently - Working with Ely and Littleport TimeBank.